Mid-May Release Notes: Improvements on Pantas!

Release Notes are our bi-monthly updates that highlight the recent product improvements we’ve made so you can stay up to date.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Quality-of-life improvements
  2. Bug fixes
  3. Sneak peek of future updates


1. Quality-of-life improvements

  • Get notifications and confirmation messages when you upload documents for our Pre-approved Invoice Financing

We have recently added more notifications so that you can stay on top of your financing application. Get an email notification, and a list of documents whenever you add them to your application. Additionally, you’ll also be able to view a list of previously uploaded documents on the application page.

  • Receive email notifications when there are updates to your Term Financing application

Staying up to date with your financing applications are of utmost importance. That is why we have added email notifications that will be sent when there are status updates to your company’s financing application.


2. Bug Fixes

  • Prevent users from adding off-network companies to on-network companies to which they are not an admin

    • Users are only able to add off-network companies to existing companies to which they are an admin. However, users could still select to add an off-network company to companies that they are not an admin for when they create the off-network company. We have since amended this flow to ensure that only admins can add off-network companies as originally intended.

  • Improve user’s experience on Safari when editing favourite items

    • We found an issue on Safari where users who received a modal pop-up upon changing the price of their favourite items were unable to proceed with saving the edited favourite item. Even though they had selected to change the price, there was no update made. We have now fixed this flow to allow users to change and save their favourite items when adding an invoice.

  • Improve user’s experience on Safari when encountering modal pop-ups

    • Previously, when users on Safari sent a request for other on-network companies to invoice them via Pantas, they were not able to view the “request” button in colour. We have rectified this error to provide our Safari users with the full Pantas experience.

3. Sneak peek of future updates

Here are some of the enhancements that we are working on. Do note that this list is not exhaustive and we are constantly receiving feedback and suggestions to further improve Pantas.

  1. Import historical bills and invoices

    • This will allow users to import past paid invoices and bills onto Pantas and have them automatically marked as paid.

      Target: End-May (2022) release

  2. Ability for sellers to input address and phone number for non-Pantas buyers

    • This will allow sellers to input their buyer’s address and phone number of their buyers who are not currently on Pantas.

      Target: End-May (2022) release

  3. Credit note

    • This will allow users to create credit notes to refund their buyers.

      Target: End-June (2022) release

  4. Payment Gateway
    • This will allow users to make payments for their invoices directly on Pantas.

      Target: End-June (2022) release


We love feedback! If you have any suggestions, drop us an email at info@pantas.com or chat with one of us in real-time via the Pantas homepage.

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