July Release Notes: Massive invoicing upgrades and other platform improvements!

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Table of Contents:

  1. Custom invoice numbering format
  2. Customise email before sending with invoice
  3. Save invoice without notifying
  4. Quality-of-life improvements
  5. Bug fixes
  6. Sneak peek of future updates

1. Custom invoice numbering format

What does this new feature mean for you?

Previously, Pantas would only maintain the “PTS” numbering format and automatically increase it by “1” for each subsequent invoice. For example, PTS00001 to PTS00002. Any other numbering format (ie: ABC00001) would require a manual increment every single time.

That is no longer the case as Pantas now supports your own custom invoice prefix and suffix. Pantas will automatically manage and increase its number every time you create a new invoice.

How do I use this feature?

To set it up, head over to your company profile and look for “Invoice settings

Feat 1 - Inv number (pic 1)

Alternatively, you can do it straight from the “Add invoice” page.

Feat 1 - Inv number (pic 2)

Then, you will enter this page to fill in the relevant information and press “save”. Your invoices will now utilise this new numbering format going forward.

Feat 1 - Inv number (pic 3)

Just to clarify, your “next number” indicates what number will the new invoice use. From that number, Pantas will automatically increase it by 1 each time an invoice is created.

All previously issued invoices will not be affected by this change. There is also no change limit to the invoice numbering format so feel free to update it as and when you see fit.


2. Customise email before sending with invoice

What does this new feature mean for you?

Previously, when you click “save and send” after creating your invoice, Pantas will send your invoice with an automated system-generated email with a generic subject line and message that includes the link to your invoice, to your customer.

We have significantly improved the invoicing process by allowing you to customise your email before sending an invoice to any customer, even if they are not registered on Pantas.

You can customise the subject of the email, the intended recipient of the invoice, CC as many emails as you like, BCC the relevant parties and customise every single paragraph of your email. Pantas will then automatically include the link to your invoice and send it across to the intended recipient(s).

How do I use this feature?

Simply create and issue an invoice via Pantas how you normally would. Once you get to the “preview” page. Click on the dropdown button just next to the “Save and send”. Here you will be able to see the option to “Customise email before sending”.

Feat 2 - cusotm email (pic 1)

Once you click it, there will be a pop up that shows you all the relevant fields for your email. Fill in all the fields according to your needs and just press “Save invoice and send email” to send it out to your recipient(s).

Feat 2 - cusotm email (pic 2)

If your customer is registered on Pantas, all of the users registered to the company will also receive an email notification of the invoice. Do note that the message in the email and the CC-ed and BCC-ed emails will not be saved on Pantas. They are temporary.


3. Save invoice without notifying

What does this new feature mean for you?

We understand that some customers just require invoices from your business the old-school way of paper and ink or simply in PDF format.

You can now create and record your invoices on Pantas without notifying your customers via our automated email, so that you can download them to print or send it across manually. With this new option you can enjoy the full digital invoice management benefits of Pantas while retaining some of your previous manual invoicing workflow.

Note that this feature is only available for invoices sent to a non-Pantas user or companies not registered on Pantas. This ensures that if you invoice customers via Pantas or if your supplier invoices you via Pantas, you will not miss any notifications for it.

How do I use this feature?

Simply create and issue an invoice via Pantas how you normally would. Once you get to the “preview” page. Click on the dropdown button just next to the “Save and send”. Here you will see the option to “Save without notifying”. Once you click this, the invoice will be recorded on Pantas and you can proceed to download it as a PDF.

Feat 3 - save only inv(pic 1)

You can still copy it as a shareable link and share it across on other mediums of communication of your choice.



4. Quality-of-life improvements

  • You can now finance “partially paid” invoices directly from the Pantas platform!

    Previously, only unpaid and open invoices can be applied for invoice financing by clicking on our “Finance” button. “Partially paid” invoices that want to be financed have to be requested and processed manually. Now, you can apply for invoice financing for “partially paid” invoices through our system!

    QOL - Finance partially paid inv

  • You can now close the “GL Code” modal by clicking the “x” button or simply anywhere else.

    Previously, if you wish to close the “Add GL Code” pop up, you would have to click “Cancel”, and only that button. Now you can click “X” or anywhere else on the grey area to close the pop up.

    QOL - Close GL Code modal


  • You can now add more supporting documents to your Pantas Pre-Approved Invoice Financing (“PAIF”) application via Pantas!

    Previously, if you wish to submit additional documents to strengthen your PAIF application, you would have to reach out to our business account manager and submit the documents manually. Now, we have simplified it to be all in one page. Head over to our PAIF page and start your application now!

    QOL - PAIF extra supporting docs


  • You can now upload multiple documents at once when you apply for Pantas Invoice Financing facility.

    Previously, if you wish to upload multiple documents to our platform for processing, you will need to select the files one-by-one to confirm upload. Now, you can select files in batches and upload them all at once onto our platform.

    QOL - PAIF multiple upload


  • You can now include your customer’s contact details and address when you import an invoice into Pantas, straight from our template.

    Previously, our import template only allowed you to add invoice related items, customer company name, customer representative and company email. Now, you can add the customer’s contact number and their business address for additional records. All of these columns are present in the import template.

    QOL - New import template

5. Bug Fixes

  • PDF invoices downloaded via Firefox contain a formatting error.

    • There was a bug that shifted the invoice details when downloaded as a PDF via Firefox. This does not occur on any other browser. We have fixed this issue and it is working as intended.

  • Company operations start date field error.

    • There was a bug that allowed the company operations start date to be in the future date, which should not be allowed. We have fixed this issue and it is working as intended.


6. Sneak peek of future updates

Here are some of the enhancements that we are working on. Do note that this list is not exhaustive and we are constantly receiving feedback and suggestions to further improve Pantas.

  1. Payment Gateway
    • This will allow users to make payments for their invoices directly on Pantas

      Target: End-October (2022) release

We love feedback! If you have any suggestions, drop us an email at info@pantas.com or chat with one of us in real-time via the Pantas homepage.

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