Pantas achieves AWS Qualified Software status

Pantas becomes an AWS Qualified Software Technology Partner

Pantas has been awarded the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Qualified Software Technology Partner status after successfully completing AWS’s Foundational Technical Review (FTR), earning its Qualified Software solution status. Pantas has met the necessary technical requirements and standards set by AWS and is committed to provide high-quality solutions in the cloud computing space.

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a comprehensive global community of business partners offering customer-focused solutions, technical expertise and services to customers. APN enables technology partners like Pantas to provide customized solutions, solve technical challenges, achieve business goals and offer substantial values to our customers. 

What does this mean to you?

As an AWS Technology Partner, Pantas offers solutions to streamline companies' consumption data collection and mitigates human errors from manual data entry by integrating anomaly detection with select benchmarking. By deploying climate solutions to AWS’s cloud services, this minimizes the time-to-market and automates the data extraction through APIs. 

With this new collaboration, Pantas is striving to create, train, and deploy machine learning models for the complex emission calculations. Moreover, Pantas is leveraging AWS analytics to generate AI-powered decarbonization strategies and real-time interactive dashboards for customers to view critical emission insights effectively.

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